Annunziata Silver Chest, c. 1450-52. Museo di San Marco

Forty one panels for the door of a cabinet for votive offerings in Santissima Annunciata in Florence. Panels were painted by Alesso Baldovinetti, Fra Angelico and his workshop. This was probably a commission from Piero de’ Medici in 1448.

Fra Angelico was commissioned for a massive painted cabinet to protect the precious silver votive offerings at Santissima Annunziata, among the most venerable churches in Florence.

Angelico's series depicting scenes from the life of Christ consisted of 40 paintings of equal size (38,5 x 37 cm) and one additional double-sized painting. From the 41 paintings 6 were lost during the centuries. From the 35 paintings preserved  in the Museo di San Marco 3 can be attributed to Baldovinetti, all the others are the work of Fra Angelico. (= 32)

But, total:   33 panels

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[Paintings for the Armadio degli Argenti (c. 1450)]

Life of Christ panels, in the Armadio degli Argenti, c. 1450

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Panel 1

Ezekiel's Vision of the Mystic Wheel and Annunciation to
Jesus with the Doctors in the Temple  

9 scenes; 
123 x 123 cm. (4' x 4')

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9 panels, 3 rows (123 x 160 cm)

Row 1: Mystic Wheel (Wheel of Ezekiel?), Annunciation, Nativity

Row 2: Circumcision, Adoration of the Magi, Presentation at the Temple

Row 3: Flight into Egypt, Massacre of the Innocents,
Christ among the Doctors.

(Uffizi:  Flight into Egypt

Panel 2:  

Raising of Lazarus to
Flagellation (Scourging)
12 scenes;
123 cm. x 160 xm.  (4' x 5' 3") 

Row 4: Raising of Lazarus, Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Payment of Judas

Row 5: Washing of the Feet, Institution of the Eucharist, Prayer in the Garden, Judas's Betrayal (Kiss)

Row 6: Capture of Christ, Christ before Caiafas, Mocking of Christ, Christ at the Column.

Panel 3
Carrying the Cross to
Lex Amoris 
12 scenes; 
123 cm. x 160 cm. (4' x 5' 3") 

Row 7:  Carrying the Cross, Derobing of Christ, Crucifixion, Deposition

Row 8:  Descent into Limbo,
Pious Women at the Tomb, Ascension, Pentecost

Row 9: Last Judgment (double panel), Coronation of the Virgin, 'Lex Amoris' (Law of Love; Precepts of the New Law)

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Note: by Alessio Baldovinetti (1425-1499):

Marriage at Cana
Baptism of Christ