Fra Angelico painted a number of reliquaries, especially during the years 1433-34.   (A reliquary is a container for relics.   See also Wikipedia, four Angelico reliquaries.)

(See also the Linaiuoli Tabernacle, which is similar in form to the reliquaries.)  

Christ with Angels, reliquary
65 x 32.5 cm (2' 2" x 1' 1")

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Masi (Santa Maria Novella) Reliquaries

Fra Angelico‚Äôs four reliquaries, below, are a set, a quartet of reliquary panels commissioned by Fra Giovanni Masi for Santa Maria Novella in Florence.  Three are in the San Marco Museum, Florence.  The four is in the Gardner Museum, Boston, Massachusetts. 

        The Madonna and Child, here painted in the form of a "Madonna of the Stars" -- 

Madonna of the Stars (Madonna della Stella)                                                  1434
84 x 51 cm (in. x in.)
Florence, Museo di San Marco

Predella:  3 Dominican saints
(St. Peter of Verona; St. Dominic; St. Thomas Aquinas) 

(Note: stolen in 1911)


     The other three reliquaries are decorated with five scenes of the life of Mary.  In chronological order, according to themem they are:
      1:  Annunciation; Adoration of the Magi
      2:  Death of Mary; Assumption into Heaven
      3:  Coronation as Queen of Heaven. 

Adoration of the Magi            
1434, Tempera on panel
Picture: 42 x 25 (x) 
Whole: 84 x 50 cm, (x)
Florence, Museo di San Marco       

Predella:  Madonna and child; 10 saints.                                                                          

Death of Mary;
Assumption into Heaven
ca. 1432
Tempera and gold on wood, 61.8 x 38.5 cm (x)
[Gardner Museum, Boston]

Predella:  None.  

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Coronation of Mary
Tempera on panel, 69 x 37 cm (x)
Florence, Museo di San Marco

Predella:  Holy Family, and six angels