80 x 216 cm. (2' 7-1/2" x 7' 1") 
Florence, Italy

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There is a popular subject in 15th-century painting called the Thebaid. The Thebaid was the area of Egypt around its ancient capital, Thebes – and Thebaid pictures concern the stories of certain early Christian monks and hermits who went off into this desert, the most famous being St Anthony. The desert fathers lived and prayed in lonely dwellings. Solitude and privation were what they went into the wilderness for. They were often tempted and attacked by devils in monstrous or seductive form. They also went on journeys and met up with other hermits.

Thebaids generally don't focus on a single story. They widen their view to encompass many stories and many individuals. This Thebaid picture, for example, attributed to Gherardo Starnina, is a panoramic landscape filled with hills, mountains, ground, water, churches, houses, boats, people and animals (some of whom are actually devils). Its landscape is continuous, but in a series of spaced-out details it illustrates episodes from the careers of several hermits.