The Annunciation features as the centerpiece in three major altarpieces, as described below. 

Annunciation Altarpieces

          Angelico's three Annunciation altarpieces are all very similar, but with intriguing differences.   They may be characterized as the Prado, the Cortona and the Val d'Arno (Valdarno) Annunciations. 

             Each of the Annunciation altarpieces has a predella (a set of smaller panels at the foot of the altarpiece).   In each case, the predella paintings depict important events in Mary's life before or after the Annunciation, namely:
the Birth and/or Marriage of Mary;
the Visitation;
the Adoration of the Magi;
the Presentation in the Temple; and
the Death (or funeral) of the Virgin.  

Prado:  The predella has scenes from the life of the Virgin;
Mary’s Birth, Her Wedding with Saint Joseph,
Mary’s Visit to her cousin Saint Elisabeth,
the Birth of the Christ Child,
the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and
the Dormition of the Virgin with Christ receiving her soul.

Annunciation (Prado Altarpiece)
c. 1426 (or early 1430s?)
194 cm.  (6' 4")

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Annunciation (Cortona Annunciation)
175 x 180 cm.  (5' 9" x 5' 11")

Aiwaz (with predella, with frame)

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Annunciation San Giovanni Val d'Arno (Valdarno)
149 x 158 cm (4' 11" x 5' 2") (main panel)
Basilica of Maria delle Grazie, Museum
San Giovanni Valdarno (Val d'Arno), Tuscany  

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