The Annunciation was one of Fra Angelico's favorite subjects.  He painted the scene in which the Angel Gabriel announces to Mary that God has chosen her to give birth to his only son many times, in a variety of media.  

[Minor -

         Some of Angelico's many small versions of the Annunciation are listed below.  In most cases, they are described on a separate page. 

- Annunciation illumination

- Frame roundels (pinnacles): 
          St. Peter Martyr altarpiece;

         Yale Annunciation (Getty-Yale altarpiece)
         Detroit Annunciation (St. Lucy Altarpiece)

[Intermediate -

- Annunciation reliquary;
- Armadio Annunciation, a scene in one of the Silver Chest (Annunziata Armadio) panels.


     3 Altarpieces:  The Annunciation is the central scene in three major altarpieces (the Prado, Cortona and Valdarno altarpieces).    

     2 frescoes at the San Marco Convent, Florence.  See the Fra Angelico 102 site.