Altarpiece with predella:

Coronation (Louvre), plus 7 predella (St. Dominic, and Christ Entombed), c. 1450 (WGA suggested)
(WGA orig: 1434-35)

It is apparently of this painting that Vasari wrote: 

But beyond all that Fra Giovanni ever did is a painting in [San Domenico in Fiesole] of the Coronation of the Virgin in the midst of a choir of angels and an infinite number of saints, which it gives one a wonderful pleasure to look at, for it seems as if blessed spirits could look no otherwise in heaven, at least if they had bodies, and they are all so lifelike and so sweet; and the whole colouring also of the work seems to be from the hand of a saint or an angel, so that it was with good reason that he was always called Fra Giovanni Angelico.

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Coronation of the Virgin (Louvre) (WGA page) 

Louvre images:

Coronation of the Virgin, with predella (Life of St. Dominic), Louvre, c. 1430-32  (blue, geometric shape)

Coronation of the Virgin, c. 1430-32, Louvre  
(Alt, database: Coronation of the Virgin)

Date: WGA, suggested: c. 1450

St. Anthony, St, Francis, and St. Nicholas of Bari


St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Agnes


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Predella (Life of St. Dominic, founder of the Order of the Preachers to which Fra Angelico belonged.)

On the predella are scenes referring to episodes in the life of the order's founder; the center panel is of Christ in the Tomb:
The Dream of Innocent III,
Saints Peter and Paul Appearing to St. Dominic
St. Dominic Restoring Napoleone Orsini
- Christ in the Tomb -
The Dispute of St. Dominic; the Miracle of the Book
St. Dominic and his Companions Fed by Angels
The Death of St. Dominic.

1: Dream of Innocent III

Dream (better?

[2: Missing here: Saints Peter and Paul Appearing to St. Dominic]
3: St. Dominic Restoring Napoleone Orsini (nephew of Cardinal Stephano di Fossanuova who had fallen from his horse).
Christ in the Tomb
Christ (better?)
5:  Dispute and Miracle of the Book    
6:  St. Dominic and Companions fed by angels
7:  Death of St. Dominic 
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