Fra Angelico painted numerous individual panels depicting the Madonna and Child.   These are works of differing sizes, ranging from less than one foot high to more than six feet tall.    They must be differentiated from the Virgin and Child altarpieces.  

The Madonna and Child paintings include special types known as the (1) Madonna Enthroned; and (2)

Madonna of Humility.  

The Madonna Enthroned (Maesta) refers to images in which Mary is portrayed as the Queen of Heaven. 

A Madonna of Humility (Madonna dell' Umilita) shows Mary seated modestly on the ground, often on a cushion or pillow, occasionally on a low bench.   This posture emphasizes her humanity and motherhood, in contrast to the Madonna Enthroned. 

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The Madonna's differ in many particulars.   The Madonna and Child sometimes appear alone.  Sometimes they appear with two (or more?) saints.   Occasionally there are two or more angels.   In a few instances, there are both saints and angels.   Maximum:  x saints; 12 angels; x saints and y angels.

(A chronological presentation is given on another page.) 

Fra Angelico also painted several Madonna and Child as frescoes.   See, eventually, Fra Angelico 102.

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Less than 12 inches

Madonna and Child with four angels
16.2 x 9.7 cm (6" x 4")
Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, Michigan

Madonna and Child,
St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and
[4?] Angels

c. 1427 (c. 1435?)
23 x 18 cm (9" x 7")
Pinacoteca Vaticana, Rome

Virgin and Child with 2 saints, 4 angels


Aiwaz   (largest)

Virgin and Child Enthroned with 3 saints (Saints Peter, Paul and George), Four Angels, and a Donor
c. 1446–49
24.9 x 24.8 cm (10" x 10")
Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, Massachusetts


15" - 18" High

Virgin and Child enthroned with 12 angels
(Madonna Surrounded by Angels)

c. 1429-33

37 x 28 cm. 
(1' 3" x 11")
Staedelsches Kunstinstitut
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Aiwaz  (largest

Madonna and Child
after 1430
46 x 38.1 cm. (1' 6" x 1' 3")
Norton Simon Museum
Pasadena, California

Virgin and Child  (only)
(no estimated date)
Bern, Switzerland

Tempera on panel 18 3/8 x 13 13/16 in.(1' 6-3/8" x. 1' 2-13/16")

   Eight larger paintings of the Madonna and Child may be found here.