2 Frescos;

x Panels

Madonna and Child (alone);
Madonna of Humility, with Angels: 
Madonna and Child with Angels:
Madonna and Child, with Angels and Saints;
Madonna and Child, with Saints.

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[Panels (not part of an altarpiece): 

Also:  Cedri Madonna, c. 1420 (Museum gives 1423); San Matteo National Museum, Pisa

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4 miscellaneous panels, 1430s --

Madonna and Child (only)

Cedri Madonna  (Madonna di Cedri)  (pink top)
c. 1423
102 x 58 cm. (x)
Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, Pisa

Fiesole fresco
c. 1435
Fresco, 116 x 75 cm
Fiesole, San Domenico


Madonna and Child

Fra Angelico
Tempera on panel, 100 x 60 cm
Turin, Pinacoteca Sabauda



Madonna with Lily, 1445, Rijksmuseum
& Madonna with Lily, 1445, Rijksmuseum  (with amazing zoom)

Virgin and Child (only),  (no estimated date)


Panels: Madonna of Humility

        Two angels; four angels; two saints. 

Madonna of Humility

c. 1430
62.8 x 47.2 cm (painted surface: 60.7 x 45.2 cm = 2' x 1' 6")
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.,
Info page
Larger image


Virgin of Humility
98.6 x 49.2 cm. (3' 3" x 1' 7.4")
c. 1435-45
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain

Madonna of Humility (Madonna dell' Umilita\ shows Mary seated on the ground, sometimes on a pillow or a low bench.  

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum  (larger image)

Virgin of Humility, with lily, plus 5 angels, 1435-45 (Thyssen)

The Madonna of Humility refers to images of the Virgin seated modestly on the ground, usually on a cushion.  This posture emphasizes her humanity and motherhood, as opposed to the Madonna Enthroned (Maesta), which presents her as the Queen of Heaven.   (From Brooklyn Museum page) 

[From Barcelona Museum site: 

Madonna of Humility

Giovanni da Fiesole, known as "Fra Angelico"
(Vicchio de Mugello, around 1395/1400 – Rome, 1455)

The Virgin, seated with the Child standing on her lap, is wearing a red tunic and blue mantle and holding a vase with roses and a lily in her right hand. She has an enormous golden halo with the inscription AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA. The Child, with pink clothes and a sky-blue belt, is holding a lily flower in his left hand and resting his right arm on his mother's shoulder so that he is touching her cheek. His halo bears the inscription ALFA / OM(ega).

They are set on a throne, surrounded by five angels, three of which are holding a sumptuous curtain in the manner of a canopy covering the background, while the other two are sitting at the feet of the Virgin with musical instruments (a portable organ and a lute).

This panel has been identified with the work described by Vasari in 1568, at that time the property of the Gondi family in their house in Florence, and probably formed part of a triptych now dismembered. In 1857 it figured in the collection of King Leopold I of Belgium. In 1909 Adolfo Venturi attributed it to Fra Angelico, an opinion generally accepted by historiography.

As regards the date, the work can be placed between the tabernacle of the Guild of Weavers (or Linaioli), of 1433, and the Mourning Over the Dead Body of Christ in the Museo di San Marco (Florence), of 1436, with other details from the Coronation of the Virgin in the Musée du Louvre, of 1434-5.


Virgin and Child, plus 2 semi-hidden saints
c. 1433

Madonna and Child with Angels

       Four angels; four angels; 12 angels;

Madonna and Child with four angels
16.2 x 9.7 cm (6 3/8 x 3 7/8")
Framed: 19.4 x 13 cm (7-5/8 x 5-1/8")
Madonna and Child with four angels
c. 1425
81 x 51 cm.
c. 1425
St. Petersburg, Hermitage     

This image has also been characterized as a Madonna of Humility. 

Hermitage (full size)  Hermitage

Virgin and Child enthroned with 12 angels
(Madonna Surrounded by Angels)

c. 1430-33 (Frankfurt)

about 1429

Tempera on panel, 37 x 28 cm
Frankfurt am Main, Staedelsches Kunstinstitut

Aiwaz  (largest

Madonna and Child with Angels and Saints

Madonna with Child, with St. Dominic, St. Catherine and 4 Angels

Fra Angelico
about 1427
Tempera on panel, 23 x 18 cm
Rome, Vatican, Pinacoteca Vaticana

Virgin and Child with 4 angels, 2 saints
c. 1435
(St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Alexandria)  (small) 


Aiwaz   (largest)

Frescoes: Madonna and Child with Saints (only)

The Virgin and the Child with St. Dominic and St. Thomas Aquinas
Between 1424 and 1430
196 x 187 cm  (77 in. x 73.62  (6' 5" x  6')


Madonna of the Shadows
(Madonna delle Ombre)
East Corridor, San Marco Convent