Fra Angelico painted this altarpiece for the church of San Domenico when he lived in the Dominican convent of Cortona (till 1438).    It is preserved in the [diocesan?] museum.

[Note:  The Cortona Annunciation and Cortona Triptych were both painted in the mid-1430s for the Church of San Domenico in Cortona.  Both are now in the same museum.]

Predella: St. Dominic (other Dominican predella: Louvre Coronation; see also Fiesole (Dominican order).  (Also: every altarpiece has at least one Dominican saint? often: more.  Near exception: the Certosa Altarpiece has only one image of St. Dominic, in the predella.)  

Cortona Altarpiece (Triptych / Polyptych), c. 1437

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Predella: 6 scenes, 4 figures  (Life of St. Dominic)

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1:  Cusp:  Crucifixion; 

2:  Cusps:  Annunciatory angel; Virgin annunciate.

3:  Center & side panels: 

Left:  St. John the Evangelist and St. John the Baptist;
Center: Virgin and Child;
Right:  St.  Matthew, St. Mary Magdalen. 

4:  Predella:  4 saints (St. Peter Martyr; St. Michael the Archangel; St. Vincent [Ferrer?]; St. Thomas Aquinas); plus 7 scenes from the life of St. Dominic



Crucifixion, with Mary & St. John the Evangelist
31 x 47 cm (1' 2" x 1' 7")
Museo Diocesano
Cortona, Italy

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Annunciation (Angel and Virgin)



Annunciatory Angel

Museo Diocesano
Cortona, Italy

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Virgin Annunciate

Museo Diocesano
Cortona, Italy

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Life of St. Dominic
23 cm. x 230 cm. (9" x 7' 7")

Left:  St. Peter Martyr;

Center: Pope's dream that St. Dominic rescues the Church; Meeting of St Dominic and St Francis;

Right: St Dominic receives the book and the stick from Sts. Peter and Paul.

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Left: St Michael Archangel;

Center-left: Healing of Napoleone Orsini, nephew of Cardinal de' Ceccani;

Center-right: Dispute with the heretics;

Right: St Vincent Ferrer (?).

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Left: Angels serve dinner to St. Dominic and his brethren;

Center: Death of St Dominic;

Right: St Thomas Aquinas.

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The predella, according to Supino:

The "predella", divided into seven parts, represents: -
- the dream of Pope Honorius III, to whom the Saint appears in act of steadying the falling church;
- the meeting of the Saint with St. Francis;
- the confirmation of his rule by means of the Virgin;
- the visits of St. Peter and St. Paul;
- the dispute with heretics;
- the resurrection of the nephew of Cardinal de' Ceccani;
- the supper of the Saint and his brethren; and lastly
- his death.