This altarpiece without predella was one of Fra Angelico's early works of this kind.  It takes its name from the fact that scenes from the life of St. Peter Martyr are depicted in the spaces between the upper triangles.  

St. Peter Martyr (1206–52)  was a Dominican friar who lived two centuries before Fra Angelico.  He was an inquisitor who died at the hand of an assassin.

St. Peter Martyr Altarpiece
Virgin and Child, with 4 saints 1427-28 
137 x 168 cm. (4' 6" x 5' 6") 
San Marco Museum, Florence

Left side-panel: St. Dominic, St. John the Baptist;
Center-panel: Virgin and Child 
Right side-panel: St. Peter Martyr, St. Thomas Aquinas.

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1: Triangles:

a: Within the triangles:
       Annunciatory Angel,
       God the Father,
       Virgin Annunciate. 

b: Between the triangles: 
       Scenes from the life of St Peter Martyr.

2:  Main panels:


3:  Predella - 3 panels (7 roundels?)