Fra Angelico painted a number of depictions of Christ on the Cross and the Crucifixion.      

          Independent (separate) works:  Tondo. 
          Also:  Pinnacles in altarpieces (Certosa, Cortona; other?);  And: Armadio? 

          Frescoes:  one independent fresco (Louvre); and numerous San Marco Convent frescoes, including one very large one, all at Fra Angelico 102 site. 

c. 1420
64 x 49 cm.  (2' 1-1/4" x 1' 7-1/4")
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City


Crucifixion, c. 1446 (Harvard)

Christ on the Cross, with the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist standing, and  Cardinal Torquemada kneeling
96.6 x 42.5 x 6.2 cm (3' 2" x 1' 5")

Harvard Art Museum
(Fogg Art Museum)

Christ on the Cross between the Virgin and Cardinal Torquemada and Saint John the Evangelist, c. 1446

This painting was originally the central panel of a triptych.

(Harvard page)

This Crucifixion was painted for for the Spanish Cardinal, Juan de Torquemada (1388–1468), a Dominican who was also a famous prosecutor of the Inquisition.   It is Fra Angelico's last known autograph work. 

Christ on the Cross, with the Virgin and Eight Saints
c. 1453–54
33.9 x 50.1 cm (1' 1-3/8" x 1' 7-3/4")
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Left: St. Monica, St. Augustine, St. Peter Martyr, Mary, St. Mary Magdalene
Right: St. John the Evangelist, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis, St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Note: the identifications of St. Augustine and St. Elizabeth of Hungary are uncertain. 

Crucifixion Silhouette image

6 Crucifixions -

Crucifixion, 1440-45 (Louvre) - fresco. 

Crucifixion, 1450-55 (Harvard) (orig: central panel of a triptych)  

Metropolitan Museum - 2? 


- - - -

San Marco: Many -

St. Dom; Chapter room; 

Upstairs:  St. Dom (corridor); 10+ cells?