Fra Angelico painted several Last Judgment altarpieces, and a portion of one in fresco. 

 A Last Judgment is generally a complex work.  

1: Christ appears at its center, usually in a judging posture, often making a judging gesture. 

2: Angels:  Christ is usually surrounded by angels.  Angels also appear in other parts of the painting.  

[Groups pf people, often with angels:  

3:  Old Testament prophets;

4:  Mary and various saints;

[2 groups of people who have already been judged:

5: People being led to, or already in, Paradise, accompanied by angels;

- - -

6: People being led to, or already in, Hell, accompanied by devils;  

7:  People awaiting judgment. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1:  The San Marco Last Judgment was painted in about 1432-35;  lobed shape. 

2:  The Berlin Last Judgment c. 1450; Berlin.  

3:  The Corsini Last Judgment.

     [Q: Do these have all of the above components?

           4:  Armadio.   The Last Judgment occupies the only double panel of the Annunziata Silver Chest.  It appears in the lower left corner of Panel 3. 

           5:  Orvieto ceiling.  This fresco is not usually classed as a Last Judgment.  Taken as a whole, however, it contains elements 1-5 (?), above.  

           6:  Fiesole predella has elements 1-5. 

San Marco Last Judgment
105 x 210 cm  (3' 5" x 6' 11")
San Marco Museum, Florence

This painting was originally in the church of Santa Maria degli Angioli, Florence.  Fra Angelico is thought to have painted the saints and the "dance of Paradise."  His assistants would have been responsible for the depictions of Hell and the damned. 


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Berlin Last Judgment
Triptych, c. 1450 
Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen, Berlin

Last Judgment in the central panel, with Paradise on the left panel and Hell on the right;

Left panel 103 × 28.2 cm. (3' 4.5" x 11.1")
Center panel 103 × 65.2 cm. (3' 4.5" x  2' 1.7")
Right panel 103 × 28 cm. (3' 4.5" x 11.1")

Total:  3' 4.5" x 4'

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Last Judgment (center panel)
Side panels: Pentecost, Ascension
Galleria Corsini
Rome, Italy

Beato Angelico (Fra' Giovanni da Fiesole)
(Vicchio del Mugello 1400 ca – Roma 1455)
Giudizio Universale, Pentecoste e Predica di San Pietro, Ascensione di Cristo
1447-48 ca
Tempera su tavola, cm 55 x 38,5 (centrale), cm 55 x 18,5 (laterali)
Provenienza: Fondo Corsini (1883)