San Marco Convent
Florence, Italy   

     Angelico painted two Annunciation frescoes on the walls of the San Marco Convent:  in Cell 3 and in the  Northern Corridor, at the top of the stairs on the upper floor of the dormitory. 

Cell 3 Annunciation
c. 1441
176 x 148 cm.  (5' 9" x 4' 10")
San Marco Convent, Florence

The Cell 3 Annunciation is found on the Eastern Corridor of the upper-story dormitory of the San Marco Convent.

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San Marco Annunciation
c. 1450
230 x 297 cm. (7-1/2' x 9-3/4')
San Marco Convent, Florence

This fresco is located at the top of the staircase leading from the ground floor to the upper floor of the San Marco Convent, Florence.  It is on the wall of the northern corridor of the dormitory, and is one of the last frescoes Fra Angelico did at at San Marco.